Sunset on Firastefani

September 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

It really isn't earth shattering if you can't make it to Oia to watch sunset. Sunset on Firastefani is less dramatic than Oia but equally stunning.


After taking pictures of every single corner in Firastefani, we stopped at Mama Thira for dinner. The restaurant is situated right on the cliff overlooking the beautiful Aegean Sea. 

Right outside of the restaurant was a wooden boat perching right on the rooftop in the middle of the caldera. Why? Must be some kind of artistic concept that til this day I still haven't figured it out. But it was definitely made for a good picture!


Travel tips:

1. Bring a sweater when you are in Firastefani whether for sunrise or sunset. It could get blustery!

2. Wake up early and head to Oia for sunrise. Head to Fira for lunch. Drive to either Kamari or Perissa Beach to take a nap on the beach. Then head to Firastefani to watch sunset.

3. If you drive, get here early because finding parking is a pain.

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