Sunrise on Oia, Santorini

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Ahh Santorini, the most talked about island in Greece. This is where the whole world crosses oceans and continents in quest for a glimpse of the glistening caldera in Oia. Can we say you haven't been to Greece if you haven't been on Santorini? For someone who is more into unspoiled nature, Santorini does a terrific job to impress!



If you ever visit Santorini in the summer, try to catch sunrise on Oia instead of sunset. We made an attempt for sunset and it was madness even in September. You would think people would have gone back to work by this time? Go early in the morning and you can avoid the heat as well as the madding crowds. Sunset on Oia is overhyped, arguably for the right reasons and sunrise is ridiculously underhyped. If there were two separate suns on Oia, who would want to be the rising sun? Why does everyone want to see the setting sun going to sleep? But then who wouldn't be jealous of all the IG snaps that Oia sunset generates on every seasoned traveler's feed. It's a hard life no matter how you put it.

Random thoughts about Santorini:

1. Last significant earthquake on Santorini was in 1956.

2. It doesn't rain on Santorini. Fresh drinking water is scarce. Salt water is desalinated for showering. 

3. I was told by the landlady that only poorer populations on Santorini live in caves because they can't afford housing. It's a wonder that only the non-Greek elites that would drop tens of thousands just to spend a couple nights in these caves.

Travel tips:

1. Make sure to coordinate your outfits when you visit Oia. It's a photo jungle on the caldera!

2. Bring a sweater if you are here for sunset. It gets very windy and chilly once the sun is gone!

3. Strollers are accessible!

4. Try the banana shake. Yum!

5. If you prefer a more peaceful ambience to watch sunset, head to Firastefani.

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