Meteora - Kalambaka, Greece

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When you take 2.6K pictures of a 2-week trip and you have no idea how to even start editing so you just start working backward. The Meteora Monasteries was the last leg of our itin and it was one with the fewest pictures of all (96). We took a 2-day tour (the only tour we signed up for while in Greece) via public train, bus and car. Much to our luck, the train broke down 1/2 way through the trip. The 5-hr train ride turned to 8-hr. Good thing is that we still made it before sunset so I was able to capture these precious moments and bring them home!

This place is beyond what I have read about and more. It is the true meaning of William Blake's famous quote: "Great things are done when men and mountains meet". I would prefer he said "humans" instead of "men" but let's leave that for a rainy day. The Meteora is nothing but mesmerizing, mystical and just simply inspiring. The human's capability is mind blowing just because they want to fulfill their desire to reach the Divine. 

Travel Tips:

1. Do not sign up for any tour to visit the Meteora. Rent a car instead. The roads are paved and so easy to drive. Public transportation isn't reliable especially when you travel with small children. I would rent a car and drive to Poseidon to catch the sunrise then drive to Kalambaka. Check in to a hotel to rest then catch the sunset on the Meteora Monasteries. Drive to Delphi the next morning then back to Athens.

2. Do get a private driver when you are in Kalambaka. The paths up to Monasteries are paved but with high and steep inclination and very windy. The locals know where to stop for great photo spots too.

3. Do sign up for a tour in Kalambaka if photography isn't the only thing you're interested in. They will take you inside churches and monasteries. Could be interesting if you're interested in religion.

4. We stayed here in Kalambaka. It was part of the tour package but it was a nice hotel. For a 3-star hotel, it was more than what we expected.




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