Apollonas, Naxos

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Have you ever seen sunset and moonrise occurring at the same time? This extraordinary phenomenon, my friends, is exactly what we saw while driving to our home away from home, Flora's Apartments, on the Naxos island of Greece. To have witnessed such a perfect harmony of the universe, I couldn't help but surrender and feel so much peace and serenity from within. Athough each element of the universe: the sun, the moon, moves gracefully in its own rhythm, you can feel there's an invisible, gentle yet powerful force, that balances, connects, and tranquilizes. Words cannot describe. Pictures cannot do justice. This is truly where the sun meets the moon, where the sky touches the ocean, where the worlds have no ends, and where humans find their own inner peace.

If you ever find yourself on Naxos, do stay at Flora's Apartments. While driving up to the property on our first night, I thought I might have made a mistake by booking our accommodation at such a secluded area, one hour drive away from Naxos main town. Much to our surprise, the location is exactly where we needed to be after Athens and Santorini. Away from all the hustle and bustle but close enough to Apollon fishing village that we can get everything we needed without having to drive to town everyday. Just a few minutes walk down the mountain is the Apollon beach with a grand view of sunrise/sunset (and moonrise/moonset). It wasn't our intention, but Naxos really forces us to slow down and enjoy the unspoiled gift of nature. It was a nice and quiet retreat after a week of my overly ambitious travel arrangements.


Travel tips:

1. Rent a car.

2. Stay at Flora's Apartments.

3. Try to book your stay during full moon if you can.

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