Naxos, Greece - Every Vacation Day is a Gift

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We arrived in Naxos in the afternoon from Santorini by a fairly decent 2hr ferry ride. We booked VIP and only had to pay 1/2 for Kai's seat but we got almost the entire VIP section of the Super Runner to ourselves plus a private restroom and the grand view of the Aegean sea from the front deck of the ferry.

Naxos is considered the largest of the Cyclades but we were able to loop around the whole island in just about a day by car with frequent stops at various cafes, beaches, and any photo sights. Driving on Naxos felt quite therapeutic after the madness on Santorini. It's not wise IMHO to rely 100% on Google Maps. It often takes you off the main highway and you will end up at some deserted areas with no signs of civilization or someone's backyard and you better hope and pray the homeowner isn't a Republican :-).




Agios Prokopios

Kastro Castle


Mikri Vigla

Aegean Sea

1. To book your ferry: FerryHopper

2. To book your car: NaxosRentACar. We got a brand spanking new Nissan Micra, which was much more reliable than the one we got on Santorini.

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