Fujifilm XT2

August 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

After about 4 yrs of no purchases of photographic equipment and approximately a couple of months of extensive research and snail speed consideration (which had never been an issue before!), I finally took a deep dive into purchasing a whole new camera system, the lightweight mirrorless Fujifilm XT2 and the wide angle 16mm1.4. The decision came after carefully considering a long list of current "needs" such as the Mavic Pro to take photography to a whole new perspective, or a 24mm1.4 for my 5d3 for traveling and shooting in low light, just to name a couple. I ended up buying the XT2 for its light weight because dragging around the globe a heavy camera bag had never been a mouth watering idea much less adding simultaneously tending to a hyperactive toddler to the list.

If I were to judge the camera solely by its look, it's a beautiful petite mechanical light box. Pick it up and feel it, it's a hot sexy little mama. Compared to the 5d3, it feels like a feather! Can't tell how well it will operate yet though :-)

Having shot with the 50mm using back button focusing for 4yrs+, it feels awkward to go back to the focus-recompose technique again. Can't believe myself saying this because I was swearing on using focus-recompose for life when I switched from Nikon to Canon. It will take some time to learn the nooks and crannies of the XT2 but so far, this humbling camera/lens combination works so wonderfully in low light situations. Stay tuned for more updates!


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