Two Days in NYC

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...with a hyperactive toddler!

From DC, we drove to Secaucus and overnighted at Hilton Garden Inn. Strongly recommended! We always overnight here on our way to Boston. Nice, clean and spacious. Great hotel if traveling with kids. 

After checking in, we went to a nearby Spanish town for lunch. We ate here and the food was great! We didn't have time to stick around but it seems like an interesting place to walk around.

After lunch, we took the bus right across the hotel to Port Authority, right at Times Square. It costs $14 roundtrip and it takes about 20 minutes each way with normal traffic.

From Port Authority we cabbed to Belvedere Castle in Central Park (70ths). We didn’t go inside because the castle is normally closed after 5pm but the view from across the turtle pond while the sun was setting was more than rewarding.

After grabbing a couple of hundred shots from different angles of Belvedere, we took another cab to Times Square (44ths). Wow, I forgot how the crowds at this place can really swallow you alive. Although I think the yellow cabs and the colorful city lights can really make an excellent photo backdrop.


We grabbed a bite here but you can probably find many better eats in the city. Also got some ice cream for TinTin then walked back to Port Authority to take the bus home. Easy peasy. No hassle. Zero stress.

We had planned to take the ferry to see Lady Liberty next morning but unfortunately it was pouring rain so we drove straight to Boston. However we didn’t want to throw away the last leg of our original itin so on the way back to DC, we made Liberty State Park our midway pit stop. We only expected to see the back side of the lady but boy were we in for a treat! You must check out the splendid panoramic skyline of Manhattan from this point of view!

Travel tips:

Stroller is a must!

You could easily fit in Statue of Liberty on the 2nd day but Liberty State Park would also be a great spot. If possible, I would skip Times Square and visit Liberty State Park in the evening to peacefully see the skyline light up at night.

One of my coworkers had stayed here and she said it’s a great location in Manhattan and it’s clean! We will have to check this out next time.

Wear Birkenstocks. These are soooo comfy and they sure make you look cooler than wearing sneakers.

Pack a couple of ponchos from Target.

And don't forget to check out my new handmade pyramid swim harems @ TeamTK!

Next visit:

Brooklyn Bridge

Cool flower wall




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